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  It is universally agreed that a home purchase is the largest, single investment most people will ever make.  Whether it is a primary residence, a second vacation home or an investment.  That's why this purchase requires multiple professional parties to pull it all off.

The seller has located a reputable Realtor to entrust the sale of their property; the borrower/purchaser has obtained the financing to help fund their new dream; and the title company has been chosen to ensure that a clear title passes from the seller to the buyer.  But what is the property worth?

Depending on who you are in the transaction, you're question(s) and why they're asked may vary.  You love it…but are you paying too much?  Are you selling it at a fair market price?  Is the property worth what your lending on it?   etc...

That's where we, Heritage Services, Inc., come in…to help insure that the buyer, seller and lender are informed parties to the transaction.  We are here to provide you, our client, the most accurate and unbiased estimate of value of the property involved.

Key Benefits to allowing Heritage Services, Inc to help you succeed:

Knowledgeable Real Estate Appraisers
Experienced Real Estate Appraisers
Quick Turn around time
Attention to your needs


Combined 16+ Real Estate Appraisal experience
          Certified and Licensed Appraisers
          FHA Approved
Up to date on most current market trends
Technically savvy
Digital technology
          AI Ready
          EDI, XML, PDF

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