Heritage Services, Inc. is a Real Estate Appraisal company located within the Western Mountains area of Maine. Like yourself, pride in providing quality services within the Real Estate market is a top priority. As a Certified Real Estate appraiser, numerous mortgage lenders, brokers, and consumers have relied on Heritage Services, Inc. to provide reliable market value opinions of various properties. These property types range from single-family homes and condominiums to small-income properties to vacant land.

Further, these same market participants have relied on Heritage Services, Inc. to provide reviews on the other appraisals and broker price opinions.

Heritage Services, Inc. has provided these quality services by continuously analyzing local real estate trends, staying current on valuation methods through recognized courses, and utilizing updated technology.

So, whether you are a homeowner, a lender, or a Real Estate broker in need of Real Estate valuations or just curious about the process…we’re here for you. Feel free to roam the website or fill out the quote form above to see how we can help you today.